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What not to forget this Valentine's Day!

Valentine’s Day is all about taking  her on an adventure of the senses and letting her experience a familiar love story told as if for the first time. It is the only day in the year that she allows herself to forget about her worries, and be completely and enchantingly romanced by you. We at the Lingerie Boutique know that for men, Valentine’s Day is a time of stress, it seems to creep up faster and faster each year, and you’re just as quickly running out of ideas on how to make it bigger and better than the last. But fear not, simply follow our flawless guide of what not to forget and you will successfully lead her into a captivating world that she’s always imagined, but never actually thought existed.

Step 1 – Don’t Forget.

Write it in BIG RED LETTERS in your work calendar, phone calendar, ask your secretary to remind you and lock it in your brain with the tightest padlock you could imagine, because if you forget, she’ll never let you forget it.

Step 2 – The Gift. 

Make her look and feel beautiful in the ultimate Lingerie Set. Lingerie is always a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, it will make her feel sexy and completely desired by you. Although, don’t wait till the end of the night to give her the gift as you don’t want to kill the mood by having her go change. Surprise her with it the night before or in the morning, so she can start the date already wearing it and feeling sexy and excited for what’s to come. However, make sure you get the right size! Click here for our easy style guide that will help you get the perfect set for her.

Step 3 – The Winning Trio.

A card is not enough (yes you must have a card!) to show the woman you choose to be with just how special she is. Roses, also are not enough, and yes you guessed it, chocolates are not enough. Now is not the time to be conservative gentlemen, get her all three and make them something she’ll be excited to show off to her girlfriends.

- Flowers – Roses are a must. Stick to red if you have already said the ‘L’ word or shades of pink if you’re a new couple. Whatever you do, stay away from yellow arrangements, as they represent death. If you’re a ‘do things differently’ kind of man,  pick some roses from your garden, making sure you de-thorn them and tie them together with a pretty ribbon. She’ll appreciate the effort you went through to make them look beautiful.

- Chocolates - This the only time where less is more. You are definitely better off getting her a small box of luxury chocolates than a larger selection of a generic brand. We recommend selections from Haigh’s, Koko Black or The Chocolate Box. Lindt and Ferrero Rochers are also a great option and can be found in most supermarkets.

- The Card – When it comes to the card, don’t just sign your name; writing a personal message inside guarantees to make her smile.

Step 4 – Dinner. 

Every woman likes to be surprised, even if she tells you otherwise. Leave an air of mystery to the night, tell her to get dressed up but don’t tell her where you’re going. This will create an exciting atmosphere and make the date feel like a gift. However, romance doesn’t need a hefty price tag. If you’ve left it too late to make a restaurant reservation, a romantic picnic or a candle-lit dinner at home is the perfect alternative.

 - Dinner out – Booking a restaurant is a tricky task because there are so many out there. Valentines Day set-ups are generally very structured, and in big restaurants can be the opposite of romantic. Booking a small boutique restaurant is always a sure success, but get in early because they tend to book out fast!

 - Dinner at home - Romancing her with a beautiful home cooked meal is easier than you think. It needs to look impressive but doesn’t need to be difficult. Taste.com.au have great recipe ideas that you can use, click here for their Valentine's Day recipes. Also, don’t forget the candles or romantic music to play in the background; we have you covered for that too – click here to access our Valentine's Day playlist. All you need to do is click play! 

 - For a picnic - make a trip to the deli and opt for a selection of three luxury cheeses – we suggest a Brie, a blue cheese and a hard cheese such as a smoked Applewood. Don’t forget a cheese knife, some gourmet crackers or a baguette. A selection of fruits such as strawberries and grapes will be a big hit, as will a fresh chicken salad, a beautiful bottle of wine or champagne, and of course cupcakes for desert.

Step 5 – The Babysitter. 

Valentine’s Day is about romance so don’t forget to book the babysitter! Get in early on this one. Trust us.

Follow those above steps and you’ll definitely make it a night she will always remember.

Good luck guys! 

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