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Best bra for your breasts

Finding the right bra style for your shape is often overlooked and rarely talked about, yet the correct style can be just as important as finding your correct size. Beautiful lingerie should make you feel glamorous, powerful and invigorated and with these style tips, you will be well on your way to making the right bra choice and feeling amazing!  


Most woman experience a loss of fullness at the top of the bust with age and fluctuation in weight. To create a full appearance, we recommend padded styles in a balconette shape. If you're not a fan of padded bras, styles with a with vertical seam in the middle of the bust will provide lift without enhancing size. Bras with a deep plunge are a definite no no, as are full cup bras. The high outer edge of both of these style bras will cause gaping in your cups and a lack of support for your breasts, so it's always best to select a half up or balconette style cup that will enhance and show off your beautiful décolletage. 


Are you always busting over or falling out of your bras? What you need is a bra with support that can hold your bust and keep you feeling comfortable and secure. Full cup bras and balconette bras are perfect for this, as their higher centre panel holds and separates your breasts; providing optimum support. Push up bras, on the other hand, are best reserved for a special night out, as their deep plunge and extra padding will cause your breasts to fall to the centre, compromising support. Being very fortunate you want to ensure your bust is always supported and your gorgeous shape maintained. 


We all have body parts that don't identically mirror each other and most women report having one side of their bust smaller than the other. The best way to address this is to slightly tighten the strap on the side that is smaller and always purchase your bras in the size of the lager breast. If the variation is more noticeable, padded bras or a push up bra with removable padding allows you to alter the padding in each cup. Padding gel inserts are also a great way to get the most out of your current bras, ensuing you look and feel gorgeous in any outfit. 


For close-set breasts, a balconette bra, full cup bra or padded bra, with a wider centre panel, will do wonders as they are designed to lift and separate the breasts while providing support. 



For those with wide-set breasts, we recommend selecting bras that have a higher sides, like a full cup bra or push up bra style, as this will guide the breast tissue towards the centre of the cup. For those with a larger bust, a 3-part cup this will provide great support and an uplifting fit.


Are your shoulder straps always falling down? The backband in your bra may be too large. We recommend going down a size in the back and going up a size in the cup; this will ultimately be the same cup size but will slightly bring in the shoulder straps. Another alternative is to select bra style like a full cup or push up bra, as these feature straps that are closer set on your shoulders. 


The best bra style for augmented breasts is a moulded bra. Surgery provides your breasts with a set shape, so soft cup bras should be avoided as they will result in gaping fabric and an overall undesirable look. Padded bras with a deep plunge on the other hand will work with your breasts and showcase your gorgeous cleavage. Wireless styles also work perfectly, so shop to your hearts content for gorgeous bralettes and triangle bras. 




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